20 March 2017

LCV Launches LCV-DUR for selective LASER HARDENING

LCV-DUR enables selective surface hardening using robotized laser technology

LCV is always looking to support its customers with technology which increases the performance of parts. Drawing on the experience LCV has with laser cladding, LCV now offers robotic laser hardening.

Lasers can be used to harden cutting edges, tracks and guides, grooves, free form surfaces or counter sunk bore holes. 

Aside from conventional hardening methods, the market for lasers in functional surface hardening is increasing. The advantages over traditional methods such as oven-, case-, flame-, or induction-hardening are numerous.

  • Selective hardening op specific surface without affecting the surrounding geometry
  • contactless energy deposition
  • highly defined energy deposition and hardness
  • self cooling through thermal conduction
  • stable process
  • crystalline hardening structure
  • controllable process


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