LCV-Repair : Tool Repair with Laser Cladding


With LCV-Repair, we give tools a second life. Since laser cladding is a technique where material is 3D printed on a substrate, many defects can be restored back to their functional state.

This is possible for a variety of materials such as tool steel, high speed steel in addition to conventional stainless and nickel alloys.

Benefits of LCV Repair are:

Reuse of existing pieces. It is economically interesting to recover expensive pieces instead of replacing them with new pieces.

Extends the life of the products. Restoring with a specific coating augments the service life of the repaired product.

Applications include shafts, pump, extruder screws, twisted or incorrectly machined components, molds, turbine blades, etc.


Check out our brochure repair with laser cladding

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