LCV-Coat : CorroSlide and UltraClad High-Performance Wear Protection


Laser cladding offers a solution for various coating applications with improved wear and corrosion resistance compared to other techniques such as thermal spraying or HVOF.

Internal and external coating is possible, as well as the coating of complex surfaces.

The benefits of LCV-Coat are;

  • Extends the life of products. Due to the higher wear and corrosion resistance of the applied coating, the tool life increases.
  • Parts-On-Demand-short lead time by upgrading standard materials with a specialist metallic coating.
  • Save material and only coat where necessary. The coating is locally applied.
  • Applications include shafts, valves, valves, cutting tools, dredging teeth, extrusion dies, shredder knives, hydraulic cylinders, etc ..


LCV-Coat is a proven quality treatment which features an optimal metallic bond to its substrate. This means that in comparison with conventional techniques, such as thermal spray, LCV-Coat yields improved wear and corrosion characteristics.

LCV develops laser cladded coatings for wear and corrosion protection.

For weld-overlay and hard-facing LCV features 2 product types:

The CorroSlide coatings for freeform objects with a thickness between 0.5mm and 2.5mm

The UltraClad coatings for cylindrical cladding with a thickness  between 150µ and 450µ

The CorroSlide products are used in the domain of conventional welding while the UltraClad products form an alternative for thermo-spray and galvanic coatings such as Hard Chrome. Most coating products are available in multi-layer application.

 Check out our Brochure about Laser Cladding

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