LCV supports its customers for a variety of projects.

Wear protection:

Weight: 5000 kg (or 750 Kg dynamic setup)
Coating of complex geometry
Dimensions: 12 m X 4M X 2M
Coating of rotating parts (shafts, cylinders, tubes, ...);
Dimensions: 8 m X Ø 1m
Internal cladding: 3m 60mm ID (and 1m for 50mm ID)
Thickness: 200μm - 1mm (as coated)
Roughness:tot 0.2Ra

3D Printing and repair:

Dimensions: 1.5 m X 3 m X 1 m (for high-resolution printing)
Weight: 5000 kg (or 1000 kg dynamic setup)
Roughness: As printed Ra 15, Ra 3 Advanced printing, post-processed Ra 0.5-1.6
Resolution: 0.6 MM

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