14 June 2017

Ultimate wear protection with Impac-10X

LCV innovates with unparallelled wear and impact resistant materials for extreme conditions.

When it comes to hard metals, the hardness often comes at the expense of the toughness. For that reason hard metals are excellent for sliding wear resistance, but when used in extreme conditions like stone granulation, ground working, mining, dredging or agriculture in rocky soil, impact becomes a factor to consider.

With the new Impac-10X, LCV uses the fine microstructure control of Laser Cladding to make a hard (850V), yet tough casing. The focus of the material development was on increasing the impact resistance with factor 10 compared to our CorroSlide carbide materials. In addition, we have managed to strongly reduce abrasive wear (ASTM G133).

Summer action Impac-10X: get 10% discount on on all Impac-10X parts and grind until next summer.

Do you have a wear problem and wonder whether laser cladding is the solution? After the positive feedback from our pilot customers, LCV now releases Impac-10X with a 10% summer discount. 

For more info, contact tom.de.bruyne@lcv.be

Offer valid until August 31, 2017. 

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