1 April 2017

LCV Presenter at DOB-Academy seminar on water hydraulics

How to design for seawater as hydraulic medium?

Water hydraulic systems are found in multiple applications, such as steel forging, food processing, high pressure cleaning and many more. 

Systems where the medium is seawater are more scarce, the most well know being reverse osmosis, i.e. desalination.

For offshore equipment, the use of seawater as hydraulic medium might seem very attractive: it free, it’s widely available and there is no environmental impact in case of a spill.

However, the high cost of manufacturing is up to five times higher in comparison to oil-hydraulic solutions.

What makes seawater hydraulic equipment so expensive?

Mostly, this down to the required resistance against acidity, multiple forms of corrosion and erosion.

The required hardness of the contact surface means either long machining time to shape raw materials or the use of special coatings.

New developments in materials, coatings and production techniques may lead to cost reduction and potential market growth.

But the challenge still remains: how to effectively harness components against the medium whilst maintaining acceptable performance, for the lowest possible price?

More info on https://www.dob-academy.nl/topics/dob-academy-seminar-water-hydraulics/

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