28 February 2017

LCV is keynote at MTMS 2017

Tom De Bruyne is speaker at the MTMS Machineering event on Thursday  March 23, 2017

Laser Cladding has long been very exclusive, but the technique is gradually expanding. Nowadays, customers usually prefer Laser Cladding to conventional hardfacing. Laser coatings indeed offer a superior wear resistance. At the same time, this technique has developed quite rapidly over the past few years, which makes it much more affordable.
This combination of superior quality and competitive prices makes Laser Cladding a very interesting choice for maintenance and production managers who want to reduce operational costs.
LCV is the market leader in Belgium and provides solutions for preventive wear protection, repairs and XXL 3D printing.

More info on http://www.mtms.eu/nl/expertclasses

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